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SNS Nails

SNS is a light but hard-wearing dipping powder for natural nails or tip extensions. We have a wide range of colours and glitters, or try French/ombre/marble look instead.

SNS treatments include a cuticle tidy & nail shape before the application of SNS.

Natural Nails:

Colour                                                    £30  French/ombre/marble                            £35

SNS repair                                             £10            

Glitter/decals (per nail)                          £1                             

Removal of SNS                                   £10

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Using Perron Rigot hot and strip wax for ladies & gents, including intimate for ladies.

Lip/Chin/Ears/Nose                            £8   

Eyebrows                                           £10  

Underarms                                         £15  

Half arms                                           £15  

Full arm                                             £20  

Half Legs                                           £20

Full Legs                                            £32

Chest/back (including shoulders)      £30


Intimate Waxing:

Bikini Line                                         £15 

High bikini                                         £20  

Brazilian (landing strip)                     £30

Hollywood (everything off)                £35


Half Leg & Bikini                               £33 

Full Leg & Bikini                                £45                                      

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Ear Piercing (lobes only)

Ear piercing in a sterile environment which includes aftercare solution and a choice of studs as part of the price. Option to have one or two ears pierced.


Ear piercing                                                £25

Manicured Nails


Choose from an express manicure or a gel polish manicure.

Express manicure                                  £15

(cuticle and nail tidy)                         


Gel polish manicure                               £25

(cuticle and nail tidy with gel polish)           

French Gel polish manicure                    £30

(cuticle and nail tidy with French gel polish)                                          

Mini* manicure                                         £15

(cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage with gel polish)

*Under 10 years of age

Removal of gel polish                              £5


Long Lashes


Eyelash tint                                                  £15

Eyebrow tint                                                 £10


Eyelash & eyebrow tint (save £5)                 £20

Eyebrow tint and tidy (save £2)                    £18

Patch test required 24 hrs before your first tint 

Happy Girls Makeovers

Pamper Parties


Whether you are celebrating your birthday, your little girl's birthday, getting married, or you simply wish to have a special get together with friends, our pamper parties are for you!

Please contact us to enquire more about organising

a pamper party.

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Choose from an express pedicure, a gel polish pedicure or a relaxing foot spa experience. 

Express pedicure                                      £15

(cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage)


Gel polish pedicure                                   £25

(cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage with gel polish)                

French gel polish pedicure                        £30

(cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage with gel polish)                                                             

Foot spa pedicure without polish               £25

(foot spa, cuticle & nail tidy, removal of hard skin, relaxing foot massage)                                     


Foot spa pedicure with gel polish               £35

(application of gel polish, foot spa, cuticle & nail tidy, removal of hard skin, relaxing foot massage)                   

Mini* pedicure                                             £15

(cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage with gel polish)      

*Under 10 years of age

Removal of gel polish                              £5



Deluxe facial (1 hr)                          £50             

Mini facial (30 mins)                        £25

Spray tan

Spray Tanning


The VIP Collection tanning solution will leave you with a natural looking, streak-free tan. Choose from light, medium or dark shades.                           


Spray tan                                                     £20

Thursday spray tan special                          £15



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