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Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday - 8am until 8pm

Friday - 8am until 6pm

Saturday - 9am until 4pm

​Sunday - CLOSED

Appointments outside these hours are available on request

You can book your appointment online - https://imagineyourstyle.setmore.com

The Beauty Rooms are located on Cannon Lane, Maidenhead 

Free car parking is available

Email: iys@email.com

Tel: 07956395867

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SNS is a light but hard-wearing dipping powder for natural nails or tip extensions. We have a wide range of colours and glitters, or try French/ombre/marble look instead.

SNS nails includes a cuticle tidy & nail shape before the application of SNS.

Natural Nails:

Colour                                       £28  French/ombre/marble                 £33

Single nail fix                             £5            


Nail Tip extensions:

Colour                                      £43 

French/ombre/marble/glitter      £48 

Single tip fix                              £7

Glitter/decals                            £1 per nail


​Removal of SNS                         From £5


SNS Nails

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Using Perron Rigot hot and strip wax for ladies & gents, including intimate for ladies.

Lip/Chin/Ears/Nose                            £8   

Eyebrows                                           £10  

Underarms                                         £15  

Half arms                                           £15  

Full arm                                             £20  

Half Legs                                           £20

Full Legs                                            £32

Chest/back                                                £25

Shoulders                                          £15


Intimate Waxing

Bikini Line                                         £15 

High bikini                                        £20  

Brazilian (landing strip)                      £30

Hollywood (everything off)                  £35

Waxing packages 

Half Leg & Bikini                               £33 

Full Leg & Bikini                                £45                                      



Initial Consultation & Reflexology

(1hr 30min)                                                  £60

Subsequent reflexology (1 hr)                          £50

Package of 6 reflexology sessions (save £20)   £290


Happy Girls Makeovers


Whether you are celebrating your birthday, your little girl's birthday, getting married, or you simply wish to have a special get together with friends, our pamper parties are for you!

Please contact us to enquire more about organising

a pamper party.

Pamper Parties

Manicured Nails

Choose from an express manicure or a relaxing manicure, followed by cuticle and nail tidy, exfoliation and massage. Finished off with a polish of your choice.

Express manicure             £15

(cuticle tidy, nail cut & shape)                         

Manicure                        £20

(cuticle tidy, nail cut & shape with nail polish)                                 

Gel polish manicure          £25

(cuticle tidy, nail cut & shape with gel polish)           

French Gel polish manicure  £30

(cuticle tidy, nail cut & massage with French gel polish)                                          


Mini* manicure                  £5

(file & nail polish for your 'mini' with your treatment) 

*Under 10 years of age


Removal of gel polish       From £5



Long Lashes

Eyelash tint                                          £15

Eyebrow tint                                        £10


Eyelash & eyebrow tint (save £5)            £20

Eyebrow tint and wax / shape (save £2) £18


Patch test required 24 hrs before your first tint 


Deluxe facial (1 hr)                          £50             

Mini facial (30 mins)                        £25


Spray tan


The VIP Collection tanning solution will leave you with a natural looking, streak-free tan. Choose from light, medium or dark shades.                           


Spray tan                                                     £20

Thursday spray tan special                             £15


Spray Tanning

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Choose from an express pedicure or a relaxing foot spa with foot soak. Finished off with a polish of your choice, or natural toe nails.

Express pedicure                 £15

(Cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage)

Pedicure                             £20

(cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage with polish)                           

Gel pedicure                        £25

(cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage with gel polish)                

French gel polish pedicure     £30

(cuticle & nail tidy, foot massage with gel polish)                                                             

Foot spa pedicure                 £25

(foot spa, removal of hard skin, cuticle tidy & nail, foot massage)                                     

Foot spa pedicure                 £30

(foot spa, removal of hard skin, cuticle tidy & nail, foot massage with nail polish)                                                                        

Gel foot spa pedicure           £35

(foot spa, removal of hard skin, cuticle tidy & nail, foot massage with gel polish)                   


Mini* pedicure                      £5

(file & polish for your 'mini' with your treatment)       

*Under 10 years of age


Back Massage

Back, neck & shoulder aromatherapy massage 

(30 mins)                                                   £30

Back, neck & shoulder Swedish massage 

(30mins)                                                    £30    

Full body aromatherapy massage (1 hr)         £50

Full body aromatherapy massage, including head and scalp (1hr 15mins)                                £60

Full body Swedish massage (1 hr)                 £50

Back, neck & shoulder massage and facial

(1hr)                                                          £50


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Ear piercing in a sterile environment which includes aftercare solution and a choice of studs as part of the price. Option to have one or two ears pierced.


Ear piercing     £25

Ear Piercing (lobes only)

You can book your appointments online: https://imagineyourstyle.setmore.com  

Gift Vouchers are available to purchase online or in person