Please take the time to read the following information before attending your appointment:


  • If you feel unwell please cancel your appointment (there will be no cancellation fee charged) and we will rearrange it for you.


  • There will be hand sanitiser as you enter the Beauty Rooms, we encourage you to use this and we will also ask you to use it before we begin your treatment.


  • We will be avoiding skin to skin contact and will use gloves during our treatments.


  • Please arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment. Do not arrive early for your appointment as we are not able to have more than one person in the room with us. If you arrive for your appointment and we are with another client, you will be asked to wait either in your car or outside until we are ready.

  • Please attend appointments alone.

  • We will be keeping doors and windows open for ventilation.

  • Before carrying out your treatment we will ask you to complete and sign a consultation form for our records.

  • To minimise contact, please pay using the card machine or by bank transfer.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer you a drink during your appointment so please bring one with you.


  • We will sanitise any reusable equipment, including chairs, treatment beds, and equipment after each appointment, as well as at the start and end of the day.



Failure to observe the above safety measures will result in treatments not being performed.